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The supply source can also work with the kanban board. It receives your overview of which kanbans are full and which kanbans have to be replenished.

In the kanban board from the supply source view, the system displays the control cycles with all kanbans in circulation along with their current statuses. The supply source can also change the status of kanbans in your overview.



  1. Starting from the main KANBAN menu, select Control ® Kanban board ® Supply source view.
  2. The system branches to the initial screen of the supply source.

  3. Enter

If you require additional selection criteria, you can use the function Detailed selection. To access the detailed selections, choose Detailed selections and enter your selection criteria in the following dialog box.

You can save the options for accessing the kanban board by selecting Display ® Save settings.

  1. Select Continue.

Depending on the selection criterion you are given the kanban board with one or more supply areas.

  1. To give a kanban another status from the supply source view, select it and choose Set status to IN PROCESS or Set status to IN TRANSIT. All other statuses can be found in the menu under Edit.

Depending on the replenishment strategy, the system carries out the appropriate transactions in the background.

It is possible to select several kanbans at the same time and to change the status. If you have selected a kanban for which the desired status is not permitted, then you receive a message. The status of this kanban remains unchanged.

To generate an event-driven kanban, select a row from the corresponding control cycle and choose Edit ® Generate kanban. In the following dialog box enter the requested quantity before you choose Generate kanban.

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