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To provide the demand source as well as the supply source with a detailed overview of kanban circulation, you have the option of using the kanban board. The kanban board can also be used to trigger the kanban signal.


You have defined the settings for the kanban board in Customizing for KANBAN.

If you do not make any settings, then the system uses the standard values.


Kanban status

The kanbans are displayed in different colors according to their status. You can view the color legend by selecting Kanban board ® Display legend.

The following information is available with the kanban board:

In control cycles where the status change and goods receipt are separated, the system also displays whether the separate goods receipt for the full kanban has already been made or not (‘+’ means goods receipt has taken place; ‘-’ means that it has not taken place).

Kanbans can only be locked in the control cycle or by the kanban calculation. Please also read Creating/Changing a Control Cycle for Classic KANBAN and Automatic Kanban Calculation.

If an error occurs during the status change, the kanban is considered faulty.

If you want to rule out the option of setting the kanban to a specific status in one of the two views, then in the Include MMPKBDEF (under ‘Functions of a New Kanban Board’) you can set which status can be set only in the demand source view or in the supply source view.

Triggering the Kanban Signal

You can change the status of the kanban(s) in the kanban board, by selecting one or more kanbans.

In addition, in the kanban board using Edit ® Generate kanban you can create a new kanban in an event-driven control cycle. Here, enter in the following dialog box the requested quantity and choose Generate event-driven KANBAN.

Display Options

You can change the display of the kanban board by selecting the Settings menu option. You can then save your own user-specific layout. The following options are available:

Additional Information

Search Function

Using the search function, you can search for materials or supply areas. Choose Select. In the following dialog box enter the search term with an asterisk before and after it.



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