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Usually, the two procedures, posting the goods receipt and the status change "set kanban to full" are linked. This means: When the status is changed using the bar code scanner, for example, the system automatically posts a goods receipt for the material in the background. It is also possible the other way round: if a goods receipt is posted for the material that is controlled using KANBAN, then the status is automatically set to FULL.

However, in the control cycle (via the selection Separate GR), you can define that the goods receipt posting and the status change (kanban to FULL) are to be carried out independently of each other.

This is particularly useful in the following situations:

If you use a replenishment strategy with direct transfer posting, the goods receipt is posted as soon as the kanban status is changed to EMPTY. This means that there is no sense in the "Separate goods receipt" indicator here as the status change to FULL and the goods receipt posting are always separated.


If you use run schedule quantities, manual KANBAN, or external procurement with schedule lines, you first have to post the goods receipt before the status can be set to EMPTY again.




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