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Instead of triggering the kanban signal by setting a kanban to EMPTY, you can withdraw quantities from kanbans in a control cycle using the quantity signal. Here, the system automatically sets the kanban to empty .

The system sets the kanban to FULL as normal with the kanban signal.


Only the actual quantity of the kanban is updated when you use the quantity signal - no stock postings are carried out. The stock postings are carried out when the material is backflushed.


  1. In the main KANBAN menu, choose Control ® Kanban signal ® Quantity signal.
  2. Enter the number of the control cycle for the following selection data:
  1. Enter the withdrawal quantity.
  2. Save your entries.


If only the actual quantity of a kanban is changed, the system displays the message, "Quantity was reduced".

If in the background, the status of a kanban is changed, then the kanban appears with its new status in the list of processed kanbans.


If you want to use the quantity signal, you do not have to change Customizing for KANBAN or the KANBAN master data. The procedure using the quantity signal is simply carried out using the function "quantity signal". It is also possible to combine the kanban and the quantity signals.




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