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You can only trigger the event-driven kanban signal for materials which are procured by a control cycle for event-driven KANBAN.

Using this function, the system only creates a new kanban with status EMPTY and depending on the replenishment strategy, it also creates the appropriate replenishment element automatically. You can only set the kanban to FULL or make another status change using the bar code or the appropriate function in the menu or using the kanban board. The kanban created here is deleted again when it is set to EMPTY (for example, by the kanban signal from the bar code scanner). A new event-driven kanban signal then creates another new kanban with replenishment.

NoteThe kanban is deleted as follows in the system: For performance reasons, when the kanban is set to empty, it is flagged for deletion. The next time the event-driven kanban signal is triggered, the system creates a kanban with this same kanban number.


  1. In the main KANBAN menu, choose Control ® Kanban signal ® Event-driven KANBAN.
  2. The system displays the entry screen for the event-driven kanban signal.

  3. Enter the number of the control cycle for the following selection data:
  1. Enter the requested quantity and save your entries.


Depending on the data you entered in the control cycle, the system either creates a kanban for the complete requested quantity or it creates one or more kanbans according to the following criteria:

The kanbans created are displayed in a list in the section of the screen entitled Processed kanbans.

NoteIf you change the quantity of the replenishment element created in event-driven KANBAN, the quantity requested is not changed. The quantity requested documents the original quantity requested. The goods receipt, however, is posted for the current quantity of the procurement element.



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