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You can define restrictions and fixed sequences for the status change. For this reason, status sequences are defined in Customizing. Using the status sequence, you can also indicate which statuses are not allowed, and which are mandatory.

For each status, you define whether it is one of the following:


The next status can be specified with the kanban signal:

The next status can also be selected in the input screen for the manual kanban signal or the kanban signal via bar code. If no next status has been selected and if this information is not included in the bar code, the system determines the next status automatically using the data recorded in the status sequence. If the next status field has been selected, and no status sequence has been defined, the system uses the standard status sequence with the two mandatory statuses FULL and EMPTY.

Depending on whether the next status is specified or not, the status sequence has the following effect:


The status WAIT can only be prohibited for the status change by the user. However, the system will continue to set this status, even if it is set to "prohibited" in the status sequence (for example, if a new kanban is introduced to the control cycle).




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