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You maintain the replenishment lead time in the control cycle (in either days, hours or minutes). If you maintain no replenishment lead time in the control cycle, it is determined from the material master record for both in-house production and external procurement. For in-house production, the replenishment lead time is then the in-house production time (factory calendar days) and for external procurement, it is the planned delivery time (calendar days). For stock transfer, you can only maintain the replenishment lead time in the control cycle.

The replenishment lead time is initially determined in days. However, in the control cycle, you may have entered a time unit that is less than a day. In this case, a time stream which contains the work time per day is assigned to the control cycle. The system converts the replenishment lead time to hours or minutes using this time stream.



In the conversion, the system does not take different work times per day into account. Instead, the work time in the evaluation period is split by the number of factory calendar days in the evaluation period.



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