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The dependent requirements dates are scheduled in the planning run (assuming that all components lies at the beginning of the order) to the order start date of the pegged order. This means the requirements date of the components lies on one particular day although the pegged requirement is produced over a period of time (often several days). In KANBAN, you can usually assume that not all components have to be provided together for the start date of the order. Therefore, it may be necessary to smooth the dependent requirements before calculating the control cycles.

The result of the smoothing calculation is a smoothed requirements curve with minimum and maximum values for the number of kanbans and the kanban quantity.


The following methods are available for smoothing the dependent requirements:


You define the distribution key in Customizing under Production à Capacity Requirements Planning à Operations à Capacity Requirements à Distribution à Define Distribution Key.


The following graphic illustrates the procedure in the system:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

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