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You are recommended to carry out the evaluation at regular intervals and link the evaluation to copying the results. In the kanban calculation, the system calculates a proposed date for the next necessary change. You can use this date, for example, to select all control cycles for which a change should be made in the next five weeks.


  1. In the main KANBAN menu, choose Control cycle ® Kanban calculation ® Check proposal.
  2. This takes you to the initial screen for evaluating and accepting the kanban calculation for the circulation data in the control cycle.

  3. Enter the plant in which you want to check the kanban calculation.
  4. Enter your selection criteria. If you require additional criteria for the selection than provided on the initial screen choose, Detailed selection.
  5. You can also limit the selection of the calculated circulation data by entering tolerance values for the current control cycle data. Then, the system only proposes the control cycles that deviate from the current data depending on your entries.
  6. Choose Enter.

This takes you to the overview screen for checking and accepting the kanban calculation.

Evaluate Result

In the overview screen, the system displays the following actual data:

The following data is displayed from the results of the kanban calculation:

NoteIn the calculation of the number of kanbans:

If a smoothed dependent requirements quantity > 0 is calculated, the system proposes at least two kanbans.
If a smoothed dependent requirements quantity of 0 is calculated, the system proposes exactly two kanbans. However, these kanbans are locked when copied to the control cycle.

In the calculation of the kanban quantity:

If a smoothed dependent requirements quantity of 0 is calculated, the system copies the quantity 1 to the control cycle.

A graphic is also available for further evaluation purposes. To access this graphic, choose Graphic and enter the period of the display in the subsequent dialog box and specify whether your data from MRP or from long-term planning is to be displayed.

The following functions are also available:

Accept Result

You have the following options for copying the result:

To do this, select one or more rows and choose Edit ® Copy ® Next change ® For selected.

To do this, choose Edit ® Copy ® Next change ® For all.

To do this, choose Edit ® Copy ® Next change ® For change to.

A dialog box appears where you can enter the appropriate date.

If you Choose Continue before saving, the change proposals are copied to the first two columns for the next contents or for the next number of kanbans and are copied to the control cycle when you save your data.


After saving, the system immediately overwrites the old data of the control cycle. That is, the change is not only valid from the change date calculated. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out the check and copy in regular intervals and you should use the change date as the selection criteria.

Reverse Copy

You can also reverse the copied data, as long as it has not yet been saved.

To do this, choose Edit ® Delete copied data ® All or selected.





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