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  1. In the main KANBAN menu, choose Control cycle ® Kanban calculation ® Create proposal.
  2. The system branches to the initial screen of the report Create Change Proposal for KANBAN Control Cycles.

  3. Enter the plant for which the calculation is to be carried out.
  4. Define whether the system is to use the dependent requirements from MRP or from long-term planning. If you want the system to use the simulative dependent requirements from long-term planning, you must also specify the planning scenario.
  5. Define the period in which the system is to carry out the calculation.
  6. Use the selection criteria to limit the selection of the control cycles for which the calculation is to be carried out.

If you do not specify any selection criteria, the system carries out the calculation for all control cycles in the specified plant for which a calculation is allowed.


Once the calculation has been carried out successfully, the system displays a success message with the number of control cycles included in the calculation as well as the number of control cycles which were not included in the calculation.



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