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Significant parameters for production control with KANBAN include:

You use these parameters to define material circulation and material stock. By optimizing these parameters, you can reduce inventory levels to a minimum. The aim is to guarantee material replenishment with the lowest possible inventory. As the inventory situation in many branches of industry fluctuates considerably, it is necessary to check and adjust these parameters on a regular basis.


The following prerequisites exist for the automatic kanban calculation:


The proposals for the number of kanbans or the kanban quantity are calculated on the basis of the results from the planning run or from long-term planning.

The following functions are available in the kanban calculation:


  1. First of all you must decide whether you want to carry out the calculation using the data from long-term planning or from MRP.
  2. To simplify the maintenance of mass data, you can maintain the calculation profile in Customizing for KANBAN. You must maintain the calculation profile if you want the system to smooth the dependent requirements or if you want to use sub-day replenishment lead times.
  3. You must enter the profile or the calculation parameters in the control cycle.
  4. Using the report, Change proposal settings for KANBAN control cycles, the system creates proposals for the number of kanbans or the kanban quantity.
  5. The proposals are checked and accepted using the function Checking the results of the kanban calculation.
  6. You can repeat the kanban calculation as often as necessary so that you can adjust the container circulation to suit your requirements situation.




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