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In this topic, you are provided with detailed information on assigning storage locations for KANBAN.

In KANBAN, materials are stored on the short-term at supply areas on the shop floor. The supply area is used to provide material directly at the production line or at the work center. However, inventory is not managed at supply area level. In KANBAN, goods movements are also posted to the storage locations. For carrying out the goods movements, the supply areas are assigned to storage locations, when they are created in the KANBAN application. The goods receipt for KANBAN materials is always posted to the storage location, which is assigned to the supply area. Components are always backflushed in KANBAN. The determination of the storage location for the backflush is explained in Storage Location and Supply Area Determination with the BOM .

Before you create a control cycle, you must have created the material for the storage location, which is assigned to the supply area. This ensures that the system posts the stock movements to the correct storage location. The system also uses this information to determine whether KANBAN is carried out with or without MRP. It is not possible to create a control cycle with a material that has not been created for the storage location of the supply area.


It is not usually necessary to create a material for storage locations as the system automatically creates the material master segment for the storage location the first time a goods movement is posted. In KANBAN, however, you must always create the materials for the storage locations as this is a prerequisite for creating control cycles.

In KANBAN without MRP, the storage location has an additional purpose. Here, you must ensure that the materials in the KANBAN storage locations are not included in the planning run. Therefore, these storage locations are excluded from the planning run in the material master record. Moreover, in the BOM explosion, the planning run has to recognize the storage location for which the dependent requirements are provided so that no procurement proposals are created for the storage locations excluded from the planning run.
You must assign an issue storage location to KANBAN components so that the system can enter the storage location for the dependent requirements.


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