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A supply area is an interim storage location on the shop floor which is used to provide material directly to the production line or the work center.

The supply area can be a shelving area, an area marked off on the ground, special boxes and so on. Defining the supply areas for a plant is part of the material flow design for KANBAN.

The supply area is defined in Customizing and is assigned the following objects:

Goods movements are posted to the storage location assigned to the supply area.

One storage location can be assigned to several supply areas, however, one supply area cannot be assigned to several storage locations.


If a material is produced or processed in several supply areas with the same storage location, the system displays the total stock quantity at all the assigned supply sources in the stock overview of this storage location.

The person responsible is the person who (as the demand source) monitors the further processing of the materials and the stocks at the supply area.



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