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Various master data must be set for KANBAN production control in order to replenish a material using KANBAN, to enable a fully automated creation of purchase requisitions, production orders and other replenishment elements and to carry out goods movement.


Kanban material is delivered directly to production - to supply areas. The supply area may be a shelving area or simply a storage area. One or more work centers may have access to one supply area. A supply area is assigned to one storage location for Inventory Management. In the supply area itself, only the kanbans are managed. However, the material inventory is managed in the storage location to which the supply area is assigned. A supply area can be assigned one storage location. Or, one common storage location can be assigned to either some or all of the supply areas in one plant.

Therefore supply areas must be created and storage locations assigned to them. See also Supply Area and Storage Location Assignment for KANBAN.

Production is further sub-divided into areas controlled by the responsible person. Thus, control functions and responsibility are transferred to the shop floor, fulfilling one of the main KANBAN principles. The responsible person may be responsible for stocks for one or more supply areas in the demand source area and may be responsible for monitoring the production of materials in the supply source.

The responsible person must also be created and assigned. See also Person Responsible for KANBAN .

The relationship between the demand source and the supply source is defined in the control cycle. The main information contained in the control cycle is the replenishment type and the number of kanbans and the quantity per kanban. You can specify the number of kanbans and the quantity per kanban manually. However, as the requirements situation in many branches of industry may be prone to considerable fluctuation, the system also provides an automatic kanban calculation. The system uses this function to monitor, calculate and adjust the parameters on a regular basis. See also Control Cycle.


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In addition, the replenishment strategies must be set. In the control cycle it is defined in which way replenishment is to take place for the materials. See also read Replenishment Stragegy.





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