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If you do not want the material to be included in the planning run, that is, you do not want any additional replenishment elements (planned orders or purchase requisitions) to be created, you have to exclude the material from the planning run in the storage location assigned to the supply area of the supply source. For further information see Structure link Excluding a Storage Location from MRP.

If a material is procured without MRP, you must make the following settings:

You can also enter the MRP type "ND" (No planning) for the material.


When the demand source requests a kanban from the supply source, the system creates a replenishment element (run schedule quantity, production order, purchase order, and so on) for the required quantity. The material is replenished using this element and it is also backflushed with reference to this element. The system also posts the goods receipt to this element when the material is delivered.

In this process, you must take two things into account if KANBAN controlled materials have a BOM:

However, it is possible to plan the component requirements using long-term planning. In long-term planning, you can also create simulative dependent requirements for KANBAN materials which provides you with the information you require to negotiate with your vendors.




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