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In the classic KANBAN procedure, after the kanban has been completely emptied, the employee in production uses the kanban signal to set the status of the kanban to EMPTY. At no point before the kanban is set to EMPTY is the system informed of the quantity still in the kanban.

Using the quantity signal, the employee in production does not trigger the kanban signal for replenishment manually by setting the kanban status to EMPTY. Instead, the employee in production or a PDC System enters the individual withdrawal quantities in the system directly. The system subtracts each of these withdrawal quantities from the actual kanban quantity and when the kanban quantity is zero, the system automatically sets the status of the kanban to EMPTY.


In KANBAN with quantity signal, you can also use all the functions available in the KANBAN module.


For KANBAN with quantity signal, no further prerequisites are necessary.


In KANBAN with quantity signal, a separate function is available for entering the withdrawal quantity.

The actual kanban quantity is reduced by the withdrawal quantity entered at each posting. The system recognizes when the actual kanban quantity is zero and automatically sets the kanban to EMPTY. The procedure in detail is as follows:

The first time a quantity is withdrawn from a kanban, the system sets the status to IN USE. Once the kanban is completely empty, the status is set to EMPTY and replenishment is triggered. If the withdrawal quantity exceeds the remaining quantity of this kanban, the system reduces the actual quantity of the next kanban, which is then set to IN USE.

The sequence of the kanbans from which you can withdraw material is determined as follows:

Therefore, in this procedure (as opposed to KANBAN without a quantity signal), the actual kanban quantity is of functional importance.

The system sets the kanban to FULL as normal with the kanban signal.


Only the actual quantity of the kanban is updated when you use the quantity signal - no stock postings are carried out. The system does not post the inventory data until the status has been changed to EMPTY.



For technical reasons, it is not possible to create several production orders for several kanbans all at once. The system does not allow such an entry.

Change your entry or the business process so that only one kanban is created. For example, make several entries, each with smaller quantity.

If this is not possible, change your replenishment strategy from production orders to planned orders/run schedule quantities.





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