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There are various ways in which the system administrator can define user menus for the staff in a company.

He or she can:

If you have system administrator authorization, SAP Easy Access provides additional functions that enable you to:

A sample SAP Easy Access initial screen for system administrators is shown below. The application toolbar contains additional options.

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To display a role menu, choose Other menu. A list of all roles in the SAP System are displayed in the dialog box that appears. If you select a role it is displayed.

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If the selected role corresponds with the activities of a member of staff, choose Assign user. On the following screen, you enter the user ID of the user.

The system then asks you whether you want to generate an authorization profile. If you choose Yes, the system assigns the user the authorizations for the role.

For display more information about the select role, choose Documentation.

To create roles, choose Create role or start the Role Maintenance transaction PFCG as System Administrator.

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