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The graphic below shows an overview of ALE integration scenarios. There are a multitude of possible ALE businesses processes for each integration scenario.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

SAP provides a variety of ALE business processes and these are described in this document.

These predefined ALE business processes have been developed for Application Link Enabling and they include important application cases for distributing business functions and processes. They are included in the standard system.

The use of ALE business processes is described in the Implementation Guide for ALE and the Implementation Guide for the relevant applications. This documentation includes links to specific steps in the Implementation Guide.

You can find the ALE Implementation Guide under Tools ® AcceleratedSAP ® Customizing ® Edit Project, then choose SAP Reference IMG and Basis Components ® Distribution (ALE).

The Interface Adviser is used to connect to non-SAP systems that do not have predefined business processes. The Interface Adviser supports you with the design and implementation of permanent interfaces between R/3 components and external components. You can download the Interface Adviser from SAPNet (http://sapnet.sap-ag.de/int-adviser).

For further information on ALE see the following documentation:



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