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If your system landscape includes several different distributed systems, you can use this function to send material prices, according to the price control used, between different R/3 systems.



  1. In the sending system. choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Material ledger ® Send Material Prices.
  2. Enter the sending and receiving plants


The sending and receiving plants can be different as well as identical plants.

  1. If you manually enter a logical system, the material prices are only sent to this system.

otherwise, the logical system is determined by the ALE distribution model.

  1. Choose the materials, that you want to send the prices for, in the material selection section.

Select a material type using the corresponding buttons: Stock material, valuated sales order stock or valuated project stock and choose enter. This allows you display or hide additional selection options.

  1. In the valuation view section, define the valuation for the prices to be sent.

If the material ledger is not active in the sending plant, you cannot make any settings here and the material prices are sent in local currency for the legal valuation method.

If the material ledger is active in the sending plant you can choose to send the material prices according to any of the valuation methods maintained in the material ledger.

  1. Choose the period from which the material prices should be sent.
  2. Specify the posting date for the revaluation posting in the receiver system.
  3. Specify the output options and additional options as required.
  4. Choose Execute.


You can check the Idocs in the sending and receiving system using transaction BD87.


The prices are sent to the receiver system. If stock exists in the receiver system, it is revaluated using the newly sent material prices.

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