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You may need to change an account group, if fields do not have the necessary field status for creating G/L accounts.


You may need to change the account group, for example, if you want to implement a new application component that requires fields that originally were hidden. These fields now need an entry, that is, they have to be defined as required fields.


If you want to delete an account group, note the following:


You can only delete an account group is no G/L account master records exist for this account group. Otherwise, you cannot display or change the G/L accounts.


You may make the following changes:

You can enter an account group for an existing G/L account. By doing so, you change the field status definition and the number interval (see the following points).

You can change the field status definition of an account group.

This change affects the display and change mode for G/L account master records that were created with this account group. The current field status definition always applies. Field contents that were entered before the change remain in the system, even if they become hidden fields, that is, they are no longer displayed. The field contents continue to take effect.

In the following cases, the G/L account master records have to be updated, if they were created with the changed account group:

Old field status definition

New field status definition

Optional field

Required field



You can change the number interval of an account group. If you have chosen a number interval that is too small, you can increase it as necessary.

This change only has an effect when creating new G/L accounts. The system checks whether the account number entered is in the number interval.



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