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The account group in which you can combine G/L accounts of a similar type determines the screen layout when creating G/L accounts in the company code-specific area. For each account group, you determine the screen layout, that is, you determine which fields are relevant for this group of G/L accounts.

For each field, you can assign the field status. This is important when creating G/L account master records in the company code-specific area. To preclude the need to give every field a status, fields are combined into field groups.

You can assign the following field statuses to the fields of a field group.

Field status


Required entry

This field requires an entry when creating a G/L account

Optional entry

You may make an entry in this field when creating a G/L account


The field is displayed, but you cannot make an entry in it.

® You should not use this status, since the fields should be available for entry when creating


The field is not displayed, that is, you do not see the field when creating a G/L account.



If you do not assign a field status, the field status "Suppress" is automatically used.


The screen layout does not only effect the creation of G/L accounts in the company code-specific area, but also the changing G/L account master records. When you make changes, the system always uses the current definition. For more information, see also Changing the Account Group.


The fields "Currency" and "Field status group" require an entry. These fields must be contained in the master record of the G/L account.


To define the screen layout, in Financial Accounting Customizing choose General Ledger Accounting ® G/L Accounts ® Master Data ® Preparations ® Define Account Group.

You set the field status by selecting the required field status for each field group:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text



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