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You put away QM relevant material in the Warehouse Management system (WMS) before you have made the usage decision for the inspection lot in Quality Management (QM).


You have posted the goods receipt for the received material in Inventory Management (IM-MM). The system has created a transfer requirement (TR) in the WMS on the basis of the goods receipt posting in MM-IM.

You have not yet made a usage decision for the inspection lot in QM.

Process Flow

  1. You create a transfer order (TO) for putaway in the WMS based on the TR for putting away the QM relevant material.
  2. During TO creation, the system opens a dialog window with information on the sample quantity of the source inspection lot that has been calculated in QM.
  3. You can decide what to do with the sample quantity in the WMS:

Processing the Sample in the WMS

You decide to...

System Reaction

...store the sample in the goods receipt area (GR area) until the end of the quality inspection.

The system subtracts the sample quantity from the quantity to be putaway and creates the TOs for putting away the remaining quantity.

The system makes a note in the inspection lot that the sample quantity remains in the GR area, while the rest of the material is put away. The system administers the sample quantity as an open quantity in the TR.


You can only create a TO for this open TR quantity once you have made a usage decision for the inspection lot in QM.

...transfer the sample to a work center.

You create a TO for putting away the sample in the work center. You enter the storage type and storage bin data manually, or the system determines the work center automatically on the basis of a putaway strategy defined by you. For more information see the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces® Quality Management.

During the creation of the TO, the system enters the sample quantity that has been transferred in the inspection lot and the coordinates of the work center to which you transferred the sample.


If you do not transfer the entire sample quantity to the work center, during the next TO creation for a TR, the system opens the dialog box with the information on the work center and the sample quantity that is still to be transferred. You can no longer change the work center for the sample.

...put away the sample along with the remaining material from the inspection lot.

You create a TO for putting away the entire TR quantity, including the sample quantity.

The system records in the inspection lot, that the sample quantity is stored in an unknown storage bin.

...process the sample in WMS at a later time.

You do not yet create a TO for this TR item.

The system does not update the inspection lot data.


If after completion of the quality inspection you treat the material in basically the same way as the inspection lot (for example, release the entire quantity or return the entire quantity to the vendor), we recommend leaving the inspection lot quantity in the GR area or transferring it to a work center.

In this case, the system updates the storage bin data in the inspection lot directly after the usage decision, and no additional steps are necessary in the WMS.

As soon as you make the usage decision for the material in QM, the WMS automatically adjusts the corresponding transfer requirement (TR) and transfers the new stock category of the material.


For example, if, with the usage decision, you decide the release the material from the inspection stock, the stock category in the corresponding TR changes from quality inspection stock to unrestricted use stock.

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