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This scenario describes the flow of a goods movement within a warehouse number if several storage locations of a plant are assigned to one warehouse number.



Process Flow

  1. You post a goods receipt for purchase order number 45004711 in Inventory Management (MM-IM).
  2. The system posts the goods receipt to storage location 0090 in plant 0001.

  3. Based on the goods receipt posting in the WMS, the system creates a positive quant in goods receipt interim storage area 902 in dynamic storage bin 45004711.
  4. The WMS creates a transfer requirement for putaway based on the goods receipt posting in MM-IM.
  5. The transfer requirement has no reference to the storage location, because you defined this in Customizing (see prerequisites).

  6. Based on the transfer requirement, you create a transfer order (TO) for putting away the received material.

When the TO is created, the system generates a negative quant in goods receipt interim storage area 902 in storage bin 45004711. You manage the stock in this storage bin in storage location 0091.

The system generates a positive quant in the destination storage bin within the warehouse, for which you manage the stock in storage location 0091.

The system creates the transfer order for standard storage location 0091.

  1. You put away the material received in the GR area into the warehouse.
  2. You confirm the TO for the putaway.
  3. The system executes the posting change for all of the confirmed putaway TOs from the GR area into the warehouse cumulatively.

For additional information, see Interfaces ® Inventory Management ® Define Storage Location Control in the Implementation Guide for Warehouse Management.


The posting change occurs directly in dynamic storage bin 45004711 in the GR area. The system deletes both the negative and the positive quants and creates a posting change notice.


For transfer requirements with the stock category Q (inspection stock), R (blocked stock returns), and S (blocked stock), the system always copies the storage location into the transfer requirement. In this case, there is no direct posting change from MM-IM.



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