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After the physical recording of stock balances in the warehouse, you enter the inventory count results in the Warehouse Management system (WMS).



  1. From the SAP menu, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Physical Inventory ® In Warehouse Management ® Count Results ® Enter.
  2. Enter data as required on the initial screen.

You can also enter the name of the counter.

  1. Choose Enter.
  2. Enter the count results in the Counted Quantity column:

Book Inventory Balance

Physical Inventory


The system recognizes the bin as an empty bin

There is no stock in the bin

Select the Zero column for this item

The system recognizes the bin as an empty bin

There is still stock available in the bin

Enter the material found and the quantity counted for the physical inventory document item

The system recognizes stock in the storage bin

More quants are available in the storage bin than are noted in the system

Choose Goto ® New Item ® List or Single, in order to enter the material found and the quantity counted

The system recognizes stock in the storage bin

The counted stock quantity is different than the book amount

Enter the quantity counted

If you enter a counted amount that is different than the book amount, the system may display a message depending on the size of the difference. For more information, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Warehouse Management under Activities ® Physical Inventory ® Define Default Values.

  1. Save your entries.

Entering Count Results Using Batch Input

You can enter large quantities of inventory data into the WMS on a single screen using batch input. For example, you enter inventory count results using batch input if you have processed the inventory in an external system, and then want to transfer the count results into the WMS.

To be able to enter count results in the WMS using batch input, you create a program that transfers the data in the appropriate batch input format, as a batch input session, to the Enter Count Results transaction (LI11).


Note, that entry via batch input using the new transaction LI211N no longer works.

Entering Count Results Using RF Devices

Using RF devices in your warehouse makes entering inventory count results easier. For more information, see Mobile Data Entry ® Physical Inventory.


The physical inventory count is complete.

The system sets the Inv. Status indicator to from A (Not counted) to Z (Counted) in the system inventory record.



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