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There are two situations in which differences can occur for preplanned storage units.

"Normal" Differences

If a normal difference occurs, enter this information into the system when confirming the preplanned transfer order after completing step 2 described in "Receiving Preplanned Storage Units" above. (For step 3, if there are differences, mark the D column and choose Confirm.)

Reorganization of Preplanned Storage Units

As an example, let us assume that, although you preplanned 10 storage units, only 8 arrive in the warehouse.

Since only 8 of the 10 storage were actually placed into storage, the remaining 2 storage units must be cleared from the system. To do this, you use a report that deletes unused storage units created using the preplanning function.

Choose System ® Services ® Reporting from the WM menu bar and enter RLVSPLRE in the Report field.

When you start the report, the screen for the reorganization of planned transfer orders is displayed.

On this screen, you enter the warehouse number and validity period. In the Validity period field, you enter the number of days from the planned execution date that transfer order items are to remain valid. Transfer order items that are still open after the validity period has been exceeded are canceled.


For example, if the planned execution date is September 1, 2000, and the validity period is defined as 2 days, open transfer order items are automatically canceled on September 3, 2000.



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