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To preplan storage units

  1. Choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Inbound Process ® Goods Receipt for Purchase Order, Order and Other Transactions ® Putaway ® Create Transfer Order ® Preplan Storage Units from the SAP menu.
  2. For a production order, as a minimum enter the
  3. Warehouse number

    Planned execution date

    Movement type

    Requested quantity

    Material number


    Choose Preparation.

  4. Enter or modify information on the preparation screen as desired.
  5. Choose Putaway foreground. or Create TO in background.
  6. The system assigns storage unit numbers and destination storage bins.


    You can set up the system to assign dynamic storage bins (quant numbers) in an ID point storage type. You can also manually enter the ID point storage type in the Palletization section of the preparation screen.

  7. Post the transfer order to the database (and print the storage unit documents predefined for your system).



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