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Using SU management, it is possible to preplan storage units.

When you preplan storage units, you create and store data about storage units in the application component Warehouse Management (WM) in advance, that is, before these actually arrive in the warehouse. When these storage units are physically received in the warehouse, you can then identify them based on their storage unit numbers and then put them away. No manual input is required other than scanning the SU numbers.


It is important to realize that the preplanning of storage units is nothing more than creating transfer orders at an earlier point in time.

Therefore, the following conditions apply:


You can create a separate ID point as a "goods receipt point for preplanned storage units". Since an ID point (a storage type with stock putaway strategy Q) assigns dynamic storage bins, it is possible to "store" any number of preplanned storage units at that ID point.

We recommend that you create your own WM movement types for preplanned activities so that the points above can be adhered to.


SU documents are printed when you preplan storage units. You can then pass these documents to the location where the storage units are produced in advance. There, they can be attached to the corresponding storage units.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

  1. When transfer orders are preplanned, the storage units are first transferred from the goods receipt area for production to an ID point.
  2. When the storage units physically arrive at the ID point, the transfer order items are confirmed and a second transfer order is created to move the storage units into the final storage type.




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