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When you create a transfer order to pick a certain material from SU-managed bulk storage, a normal transfer order item is created. As mentioned previously, this transfer order item is "neutral" with respect to storage units because the individual SU numbers have not yet been identified by the system. In the system, this initial transfer order item behaves more like a transfer requirement item, since it neither updates the actual stock nor the storage unit(s) required.


What happens when you communicate to the system the storage units that were actually picked from bulk storage?

  1. First, the "neutral" transfer order item data is updated. This means that, for this item, the confirmed quantity is increased accordingly.
  2. Secondly, items are added to the transfer order based on the storage units that were actually picked from the bulk storage bin for this movement.
  3. Once the stock removal for a bulk storage bin has been completed, the "neutral" transfer order item is deleted.
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