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SU-managed bulk storage is defined as a bulk storage area in which stock is managed at the storage unit level. In bulk storage, several storage units fit into a single storage bin (one row in a block of rows).


Why use SU-managed bulk storage?


In SU-managed bulk storage, you can:

These features can be selected in Customizing when you define the parameters for SU Management.

The figure below illustrates an SU-managed bulk storage area with storage bins that are occupied.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

One of the primary characteristics of SU-managed bulk storage is that the system does not keep a record of the exact location of a particular storage unit in a bin. Because of this, the system does not know which storage units are located in the "front" of a bin making them accessible for picking.

Identification of Storage Units in Bulk storage

For stock removals, this characteristic presents a problem. Since the system does not have a record of the actual structure of the storage units in a block, it cannot recommend specific storage units for order picking.

Consequently, a stock removal is initially "neutral" as far as storage units are concerned. When you create a transfer order, there can be no reference to specific storage unit numbers, because the system cannot identify which storage units are picked until they are physically removed from a storage bin. The SU numbers that you select must then be communicated to the system when you confirm the transfer orders. Afterwards, the system can make the appropriate updates.




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