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You use the pick point in the Warehouse Management System (WMS) to pick partial quantities from storage units (SUs). Following picking, you put the partial storage unit (partial SU) back into the stock.


You store pencils in pallets in your SU-managed high rack storage area. Each pallet contains 100 boxes of pencils. You map all of these pallets as one storage unit (SU) in WMS.

You receive an order for over 250 boxes of pencils and would like to remove this quantity from you SU-managed high rack storage area.

Since you can only remove complete SUs from the high rack storage area, you first of all take three storage units of 100 cartons to the pick point. There you execute the actual pick and then put the partial SU back into storage.


For more information, see Partial Pick.

Process Flow

Creating the TO for Removing the Storage Unit from Stock.

  1. You create a transfer order for removing 250 pencils from the high rack storage area.
  2. The system selects three homogeneous storage units, each with 100 boxes of pencils, which is subject to the requirement to move all stock.
  3. The source storage bin in this transfer order is the SU storage bin and the destination storage bin for the required quantity is identified is a storage bin in the goods issue interim storage area.

  4. You save the transfer order.
  5. The system locks the SUs for any further stock removal.
  6. You physically remove the complete SUs from the source storage bin and take them to the pick point.

As far as WMS is concerned, the SUs remain in the source storage bin. As yet, no stock transfer occurs in the system.

Confirming the Stock Removal TO

  1. You confirm the pick by confirming the individual items in the transfer order.

From the SAP menu choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Outbound Process ® Goods Issue for Outbound Delivery ® Pick ® Confirm Transfer Order ® Single Items for Storage Unit ® In One Step.

  1. You select the transfer order and, when you confirm the first TO item, enter the number of the first SU that you want to remove completely from storage.
  2. Choose Enter.
  3. To confirm the second TO item, enter the number of the second SU that you want to completely remove from stock.
  4. Choose Enter.

As soon as you confirm picking for a complete storage unit, the system posts the material in the storage unit to the goods issue interim storage area. Since the storage area is not SU-managed, the information on the SU number is lost.


As far as the system is concerned, before you confirm the third and final item in the stock removal TO, this storage unit is still in the original storage bin, although physically it has already been removed from the source storage bin and brought to the pick point.

The SU has status 3 (to be picked) because there is still an open TO item for this SU.

  1. You pick 50 pencils from the third SU.
  2. You confirm the TO item with 50 pieces for the last SU and, in doing so, you confirm that you have picked 50 pencils from the SU and taken them to the goods issue interim storage area.

Once you have confirmed the last TO item for picking, the system posts the SU with the remaining quantity of 50 pieces to the pick point. The SU is therefore at the pick point, both physically and according to the system.

Return Transfer of the Partial SU

  1. To return the partial SU to the high rack storage area, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Stock Transfer ® Create Stock Transfer Order ® Move Storage Unit
  2. Enter the SU number and the movement type.


If you have already defined your own WMS movement type for putting partial storage units back into storage, you can define at this stage the storage type to which the SU is to be returned.

  1. According to your entries during TO creation and the putaway strategies you have defined, the system determines a new storage bin for the partial SU.
  2. You put away the partial SU from the pick point to the new destination storage bin and confirm the return transfer by confirming the transfer order.


You have removed 3 SUs of 100 boxes from the SU-managed high storage area and picked 250 cartons from those at the pick point. You then replaced the partial SU with the 50 boxes in the high rack storage area.



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