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The pick point is the actual location in the warehouse where you pick the material items for a partial stock pick from a storage unit (SU). In the Warehouse Management system (WMS), the pick point is defined as an SU-managed storage location.


In an automated high-rack storage area, the pick point may be a specific point along a conveyor belt to which storage units are transferred for picking. A pick point may also be a marked floor area where entire pallets can be brought for picking material quantities.


By removing storage units for picking and partial picking to a pick point, you avoid losing information on the SU when removing stock from a non SU-managed storage type (for example the goods issue interim storage area).


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

If you only want to pick part of the material from the SU, take the SU to the SU-managed pick point for the actual picking so that the SU number does not disappear:

  1. You pick the material quantity from the SU at the pick point and then transfer the necessary material from the goods issue interim storage area. In doing so, the SU number for the partial quantity picked is lost.
  1. After picking, you replace the SU with the remaining material quantity from the pick point back into storage. Since the pick point is SU-managed, the detailed information on the SU number is kept.
  2. When you confirm the pick from the pick point, the system posts the remaining material quantity from the SU to the pick point.

The system does not create any return subitems for replacing the storage unit into stock.

Returning Storage Units to Stock

You have various possibilities for returning partial storage units to the warehouse after picking at the pick point:

The system looks for a new storage bin in the storage type and creates a corresponding return subitem in the transfer order.

For example, you have set up a special storage type for partial storage units.


If you have already defined your own WMS movement type for replacing partial SUs into storage, you can control the storage type into which the system is to replace partial SUs on the basis of the WMS movement type.


    1. To do this, select the activity Master Data ® Define Storage Type in the Customizing for Warehouse Management.
    2. Select the storage type to which you want to assign the pick point.
    3. Enter the pick point that you have already defined in the field Assigned pick point stor.ty..



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