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Once a storage unit is received at the ID point, it is moved to the final destination storage bin using the transaction Move Storage Unit. This transaction can be used for several purposes, but it was designed specifically to move individual storage units from the ID point into the final storage type.


The following procedure describes how the transaction works:

  1. Choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Stock Transfer ® Create Transfer Order ® Move Storage Unit from the SAP menu.
  2. Enter the storage unit number and movement type into the appropriate data fields and choose Goto ® Preparation.
  3. Note

    We recommend that you create a new movement type that specifies the destination storage type in the warehouse to be specifically used for storage unit transfers from the ID point. Initially, you can use movement type 999 (warehouse supervision) for testing purposes. To define the movement type for internal transfers from the ID point, choose Logistics Execution ® Warehouse Management ® Activities ® Define Transaction Parameters in Customizing for Warehouse Management, and enter the new movement type for transaction code LT09.

    The system then searches for any existing open transfer orders for the storage unit.

    If no open transfer orders exist, the system displays the transfer order preparation screen.

    If an open transfer order is found, you can confirm the open items and post the transfer order to the database (see Confirming Transfer Orders).

    After you confirm the open items, the system displays the preparation screen for the transfer order that will move the storage unit from the ID point into the final storage type.

  4. On the preparation screen the system lists the current contents of the storage unit. You can manually enter the destination storage bin or allow the system to choose it for you.
  5. Choose Goto ® Create trans.order.

    The system then elects to transport the storage unit from the ID point to the final storage type. This is directed, among other things, by the entries you make for the destination storage type and bin when you define the movement type.

  6. To create the transfer order and post it to the database, choose Transfer order ® Post.


A second transfer order is now created which transfers the storage unit from the ID point to its destination - a storage bin in the final storage type.

Once the transfer order is confirmed, the stock placement via an ID point is completed.

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