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Once you have defined the ID storage type and the final storage type in Customizing, you can transfer storage units initially to an ID point before moving them to their final destination in the warehouse.


Specify a storage type as the ID point for another storage type in the storage type record.

The following example demonstrates the transfer of a storage unit into high rack storage via an identification point. For this example, we have specified storage type 011 as the ID point for storage type 010.

The following procedure describes how to manually create a transfer order for a storage unit from a transfer requirement with one item.


From the transfer requirement overview screen

  1. Choose Environment ® TO in foregr.
  2. The system goes to the palletization screen to prepare the storage unit for putaway.


    If there is more than one item in the transfer order, the system displays three tabs. The Active work list tab lists the open items. If you choose Palletization, the procedure is basically the same as described below with the exception that you must process the items one at a time. For more detailed information about creating transfer orders from the tabs, see Creating a TO for a Transfer Requirement Manually.

  3. On the transfer order preparation screen, enter 010 as the destination storage type and choose Putaway bckgrnd.
  4. The system assigns a storage unit number and destination storage bin (the quant number as a dynamic coordinate).

    Although we entered 010 as the destination storage type, the system automatically assigns the pallet to the identification point in storage type 011, which was defined in the storage type data record.

  5. To create the transfer order choose Transfer order ® Post.

At this stage in the two-step process, the first transfer order which brings the storage unit to the ID point is created and the first step is completed.

What happens now that the storage unit has arrived at the identification point?

See Transferring Storage Units from the ID Point



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