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An identification point is defined in the WM system as a storage type.

To avoid misunderstanding, definitions are provided for the following terminology:

ID Point Storage Type

The ID point storage type is a storage type that is managed for storage units. ID point storage types are not entered into the storage type search strategy configuration table.

Physical Storage Type

The physical storage type is the final destination for a storage unit during putaways. This storage type must be entered into the table for storage type searches.

Therefore, the total putaway process for a storage unit consists of two steps:

  1. First, a transfer order moves the storage unit to the ID point.
  2. A second transfer order moves the storage unit from the ID point to the final storage bin.

Defining an ID Point Storage Type

To define a storage type as an identification point, see Storage units ® Master data ® Define storage type control in the Warehouse Management IMG documentation.

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