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In WM, you define strategies the system uses to "automatically" search for storage bins for stock placements and removals.

When SU management is active, WM automatically finds storage bins in basically the same manner as in the standard system without SU management. This includes the methods used to store homogeneous storage units.

However, one question must be discussed regarding mixed pallets: "How does WM search for storage bins with mixed storage units?"

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Storing Mixed Pallets

Since mixed storage units contain more than one material item, the system must select one of these materials to use as a basis for the storage bin search process. The selection of this material item is purely arbitrary.

The characteristics defined for the selected material are then used to carry out the automatic storage bin search function. All other material items contained in the storage unit must follow and are transferred to the storage bin selected for the material item that was chosen for the search process.

System Checks

Independent of the material selected by the system for the automatic storage bin search function, the normal system checks are carried out for all materials in the storage unit (such as hazardous materials checking or mixed storage) to insure that no errors occur for stock placements.

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