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Using SU management, you can add materials to existing storage units. To do this, you must know the number of the storage unit to which you want to add stock.

To add materials to an existing storage unit, from the transfer requirement overview screen,

  1. Select the desired item in the first column. Choose TO Foregrnd. Change the quantity in the Selected quantity data field to the desired quantity. Choose Goto ® Storage unit ® Addition to stock.
  2. Enter the SU number of the existing storage unit in the dialog box that appears and choose Copy.
  3. On the transfer order preparation screen, the system selects the A column to identify items that already exist in the storage unit.

    The item(s) that are to be added to the storage unit appear in the list with the existing items.

  4. To create the transfer order items to be added to the storage unit, choose Create trans.order.
  5. To complete the transfer order, choose Create from the application toolbar.
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