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Mixed storage units contain two or more material items. This procedure describes how to create a mixed storage unit containing more than one item from the transfer requirement overview screen.


  1. Choose : Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® TransRqmt ® Display ® By storage type from the SAP menu, enter Source storage type 902 (goods receipt area in the standard system) and choose ENTER .
  2. Note

    There are several ways to arrive at the transfer requirement overview screen. This manual method is used for this example only.

  3. Select a transfer requirement with two or more items and choose TO in foreground.
  4. The system displays three tabs:

    Active work list

    Inactive items

    Processed items

    Change the quantities in the Selected quantity data fields to the desired quantities.

    Choose Create SU (single) from the application toolbar.

    The system displays the preparation screen for placing the mixed storage unit into the warehouse.

  5. On the preparation screen, you must enter the storage unit type (SUT) of the storage unit that you are creating in the Storage unit type field.
  6. Depending on the settings in Customizing for Warehouse Management, you may also need to enter a destination storage type that is SU-managed.

    Choose Create trans.order to complete the preparation screen for the transfer order.

    If you did not enter them manually, the system assigns the storage bin and SU number for the storage unit.

    On this screen you also have the option to choose Reset transfer order. This makes it possible for you to enter a new SU number and/or destination storage bin.

  7. To complete the task, post the transfer order to the database.

The system creates a separate transfer order item for each material item in the storage unit.

If an error occurs when you create a transfer order item (for example, if you attempt to store a mixed pallet in a storage area where mixed storage is not allowed), the system displays the item screen when the error occurs for the corresponding SU item.

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