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To create a transfer order for homogeneous storage units from the transfer requirement item overview screen, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the desired item, change the quantity in the Open quantity field to the desired quantity and choose Create TO in foreground to create the transfer order in the foreground.
  2. On the preparation screen, you have the same "normal" functions that exist in WM without SU management to enter or change data for a transfer order.
  3. For the system to create storage units, you must select a destination storage type that is managed for storage units in the Palletization section. You can enter this manually or define it for automatic selection in the material master record and storage type search strategy sequence.

    On this screen, you can also manually enter storage unit numbers for each of the storage units. Choose Create TO in foreground. to complete the preparation screen for the transfer order in the foreground or choose Create TO in background. for background processing.

  4. To create the transfer order, choose Create.

If you decide to process the creation of the transfer order in the foreground on the preparation screen, the transfer order item screen is displayed.

On the transfer order item screen you have the possibility to influence the creation of the transfer order item at the "lowest level". You can also enter the storage unit number on this screen.

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