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The system creates homogeneous storage units automatically when the putaway takes place in a storage type that is managed for storage units.

This takes place as a normal process when you create transfer orders as illustrated below.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

A separate transfer order item that specifies both a source storage bin as well as a destination storage bin is created for each material to be put away.

When you create transfer orders for stock putaways involving storage units, this means that:

In this case, all the transfer order items have the same destination storage bin since they are all part of the same storage unit.

You can create transfer orders in WM from transfer requirements or you can create them manually.

For both options, you can

In the following explanations and examples, all putaways are carried out by transferring stock from a storage type that is not SU-managed (goods receipt area) into an SU-managed storage type.




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