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In your system, you decide at the storage type level whether storage units will be managed within a particular storage type or not.


Define storage unit management for physical storage types only. Interim storage areas cannot be SU-managed.


To define a storage type for SU management, see Storage units ® Master data  ® Define storage type control in the Warehouse Management IMG documentation.


The following illustration shows how storage unit management may be implemented in a warehousing complex.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You process goods issues when SU management is active in your system using basically the same procedures as those used in WM without SU management. For more information on the creation of a transfer order for goods issues, refer to the section Goods issue for an IM Posting.

The only difference for SU-managed storage types is that storage unit numbers are displayed on the corresponding screens.

Preparation Screen for Picking

When you process a goods issue (for example, for a delivery document or to a cost center), you will eventually display the transfer order preparation screen, provided you have not run processing in the background.

On this screen you can influence how the system searches for stock to be picked for the goods issue. For example, in the Storage type fields you can suggest up to 15 storage types from which the storage units are to be taken. If you select All storage types, you can have the system propose up to 30 storage types for picking.

You can also manually enter specific storage units in the Source storage unit field on this screen.

After you have created the transfer order items, the system displays all the information on the storage unit in one line.

Stock List

From the transfer order preparation screen, you can also display a list of available materials for the stock picking.

To call up the list, choose Stocks in the application toolbar. From this list, you can choose materials by selecting the respective items and then choosing the field Calculate selected quantity in the lower section of the screen. The system reduces the quantity above the table controls accordingly. You can also enter the required quantity manually in the column Selected quantity.

Transfer Order Item Generation Screen

If you always choose background processing when creating a transfer order for a stock pick, you will eventually see the transfer order item generation screen.

On this screen you see data that is proposed by the system for the transfer order item. You can change these proposals on the transfer order item screen "at the lowest level".

In the Storage unit field, the storage unit number that the system proposes for this stock pick is displayed. (Of course, for storage types that are not SU-managed, nothing will appear in this field.) By overwriting the information in this field, you can manually select storage units for a stock pick.

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