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This picking strategy is based on whether the quantity required in the transfer order is large or small. You can have a storage type in which small quantities of material are stored (generally a storage type with a fixed storage bin organization). There can also be a reserve storage in which larger quantities are stored.

The system decides whether it is dealing with a "small quantity" or a "large quantity", depending on the quantity required in the transfer order. The storage bin that the system proposes for the pick is either from the small quantity storage type or large quantity storage type. As the criterion for this quantity check, the system uses the control quantity defined in the Control quantity field in the material master record.


The system can suggest a stock removal quantity for the picking technique "according to quantity" as well as for "random picking".

Handling Small and Large Quantities

The following figure illustrates how WM handles small and large quantities.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

In the example above, two storage types are used to fill delivery notes from the Sales and Distribution system:

The system selects the quant from a storage bin in fixed bin storage if the required quantity is less than or equal to the control quantity defined in the material master record. If the required quantity is larger than the control quantity, the system searches for the quant in high rack storage.


To use this strategy,


For this strategy, the standard system uses movement type 603 to determine which storage type is used for small stock removals for deliveries.

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