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With this picking strategy the system proposes the oldest quant in the storage type as the quant that should be transferred.

The system generally calculates the "age" (length of time in storage) of a quant on the basis of the goods receipt posting date from the Inventory Management (IM) application component. The system automatically sets the goods receipt date in the quant and in the transfer requirement for every goods receipt posting in IM. When the transfer order is created, this date is copied over to the quant record of the destination storage bin.

You can accept the goods receipt date that the system sets or you can enter a different date. Regardless of whether the system proposes the goods receipt date or you enter a different date, the date is used to calculate the age of the quant. This date influences the sorting sequence for each material.


When you define the storage type record to use this strategy, enter f in the Picking strategy field.

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