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The Warehouse Management system (WMS) uses the following stock removal strategies:

Stock Removal Strategies


The system searches


for the oldest quant using FIFO


using stringent FIFO for all storage types


for the most recent quant using LIFO


for partial quantities first, then standard quantities


according to quantity


for materials with the shortest remaining time before the shelf life expiration date


for a fixed bin

User exit

with a customer-defined strategy


For information on how to access the objects (tables or views of tables) for the stock removal strategies, see the corresponding section under Strategies in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Warehouse Management.


The system gets the information for the source and destination storage bins for stock removal as illustrated below:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Information on Stock Removal

When a material is removed from stock, it generally transferred to the goods issue interim storage area. The information about the destination (interim storage type, interim storage section, and interim storage bin) is either stored in the transfer requirement or the system determines it from the WM movement type.

Storage Type Search

The system must then determine from which storage type the material should be removed. You define this information in the storage type search table. For information on how entries are defined in this table, see the section on defining the storage type search sequence under Strategies in the IMG for Warehouse Management.

In the storage type search table, you can define a search sequence with up to 30 storage types. (Make sure that you enter an A for stock removal in the column Activity.) The storage type list is constructed hierarchically, which means that the system looks for the material in the first storage type first, then in the second storage type, and so on. The entry *** for the storage type means that the system searches in the entire warehouse for the oldest stock. The table entry that the system uses for this search depends on the material being removed from storage.

You can group materials together bases on a storage type indicator so that the system uses the same search sequence and removes materials from the same storage type or types. To implement this you define a:

Storage Bin Search

Once the storage type has been determined, the system then searches within the storage type to find an appropriate storage bin from which the material can be removed. To find a storage bin, the system uses a search strategy that has been defined for the storage type. For each storage type you can define one picking strategy.

User-Defined Strategies

To use user-defined strategies, you must select the User exit active field in the Stock Removal Control section of the appropriate storage type record. For instructions, see the section on Developing function extensions in the IMG for Warehouse Management.



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