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The system can only find the appropriate storage bins for a storage unit type (SUT) when creating transfer orders if the SUT check is activated. There is a restriction of 10 allowed SUTs per storage type.

You can enter *** as an allowed SUT in this table. This entry means that all the SUTs in this storage type are allowed. The system then searches for a suitable storage bin for the SUT based on the allowed bin types per SUT.



Before implementing this optional SUT check, you should examine the table parameters closely since problems with performance can arise if the configuration settings are not optimal.

The following example outlines the performance problems associated with the optional storage unit type check and their solutions:


It is relatively simple for you to check the customizing settings by viewing the log for the storage bin search. The more unsuccessful attempts made, the more ineffective the process becomes. The number of attempts must be reduced by optimizing the storage type search.

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