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This putaway strategy is used when a material is to be placed in a reserve storage area. The system does not search to see whether a fixed storage bin is available. You can configure the system so that fixed bin assignment is carried out first and if no empty bin is found, the system then uses the strategy to search for a reserve storage area that is as close as possible to the fixed storage area of the material. This strategy can also be used on its own.

The system first attempts to find a reserve storage area in the stack where the fixed storage bin is located, whereby it starts from the lowest level and works its way up. If no empty storage bin is found, it searches to the right of the fixed bin and then to the left in the same aisle and then in the adjoining aisles. It always searches from bottom to top.

Setting up the Strategy

When you define the storage type record to use this strategy, enter K in the Putaway strategy field.

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