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Stocks from several plants are often stored in the same warehouse complex. When the ownership of stock is transferred from one plant to another within the warehouse number, this is referred to as a posting change, because the material stocks generally remain in their physical storage bin.

Process Flow

You process the transfer of the ownership as a posting change in Inventory Management (MM-IM). This creates a posting change notice, which you process in the Warehouse Management system (WMS):

  1. You trigger the posting change of the material stocks in MM-IM.
  2. During the posting change in MM-IM, the system creates a negative and a positive quant in the posting change zone in the WM-managed warehouse. The system simultaneously creates a posting change notice for the quantity transferred.
  3. You process the posting change notice in the WMS in order to post the stocks from one plant to another.


In the standard system, you can use movement type 309 to process this type of posting change.



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