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You hold received material for the quality inspection before you release it into unrestricted stock. In doing so, you allocate stock category Q to the material in Inventory Management (MM-IM). This means that the material is not available for removal from stock in the WMS.

If the release of the material from quality inspection stock is approved, post the material, either completely or partially as unrestricted-use stock.


The material has stock category Q (quality inspection stock).

The material is put away in the WM-managed warehouse.

Process Flow

  1. You release the stock from the quality inspection in the Warehouse Management system (WMS) or in Inventory Management (MM-IM).


If you manage the material in Quality Management (QM), you can only release the material as the result of a usage decision.

  1. You process the resulting posting change notices in the WMS by creating a transfer order for posting change notices. For more information, see Processing Posting Changes.
  2. You confirm the TO for the posting change notice.
  3. The WMS posts a negative quant with stock category Q to the warehouse.
  4. The WMS posts:
  1. The WMS posts a negative quant with stock category "unrestricted use stock" to the warehouse.


Based on these posting activities, the system "moves" the restricted quality inspection stock to the logical interim storage area posting change area 922 and then "moves" it back into the warehouse as unrestricted-use stock. Physically, the stock remains in the same storage bin.



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