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To be able to process posting changes further in the WMS, you display an overview of the posting change notices that still have to be processed.




  1. Choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Posting Change ® Via Inventory Management.


Menu Path

Display single posting change notice

Posting Change Notice ® Display ® Single Document

Display several posting change notices

Transfer Order ® Create ® From List of Posting Change Notices or Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Information System ® Warehouse ® Posting Change Notice ® Document Overview

  1. Enter at least the warehouse number on the initial screen. You can use the other input fields to restrict the selection of posting change notices.
  2. Example

    If you want to see a list of all open posting change notices for materials in quality inspection, enter the warehouse number in the screen Display Posting Change Notice: Overview, select the field Status: open, and enter a Q in the field Stock Category.

  3. Choose Enter.


Depending on your selection criteria, the system displays a list of all open, partially processed, and completely processed posting change notices.

From this list, you can create transfer orders for posting change notices or display further information about the posting change notices.



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