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A posting change generally refers to change to the stock data of a material affecting bookkeeping information. In the case of most posting changes, for example during release from quality inspection stock, the goods remain in the same physical storage bin.


You generally trigger posting changes in Inventory Management (MM-IM). If you implement the Warehouse Management system (WMS), you process the posting change notice from MM-IM in the WMS. For more information, see Processing Posting Changes.

You can also trigger material status changes in the WMS, for example if a physical goods movement in the warehouse is the cause for the posting change. For more information, see Posting Changes in the WMS Made Automatically in Inventory Management.


For information about assigning IM movement types to WMS movement types, refer to Movement Types in WM.


Posting changes in the WMS are not connected with a physical goods movement. In a posting change, the stock category, batch number, or material number of the material, for example, may change, but the material physically remains in the same storage bin.

You execute the posting change in the WMS on the basis of a transfer order (TO) for posting changes, and post the following:

Both posting procedures must always be consistent. A transfer order for a posting change therefore always consists of item pairs.

For more information, see the Structure linkgeneral information on posting changes and stock transfers.



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