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Replenishment is used to fill up the stock in fixed storage bins. The SAP system first creates transfer requirements for the required quantities. You then process the transfer requirements to create transfer orders as you normally would with the WM system.

Two different replenishment functions are available to you:

The function "replenishment for fixed storage bins" calculates the replenishment quantities necessary to maintain stock levels, based on the current stock situation and the entries in the material master.

The function "planning of replenishments for fixed storage bins" forecasts the necessary stock for fixed storage bins by considering planned stock removals resulting from existing deliveries with picking from fixed storage bins, along side the current stock situation.

It is also possible to cater for internal warehouse replenishment during transfer order confirmation. In this case, the system creates a transfer order immediately. This means that you no longer have to create a transfer requirement first. For further information, see Creating a Replenishment TO During TO Confirmation.


To implement the replenishment function, you must first define a WM movement type for storage types that use the fixed bin putaway strategy. In the standard system, you can use WM movement type 319 (replenishment to production) as a template.

For more information, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Warehouse Management.


If you set the indicator in the field Automatic TO in the definition of the movement type, the system creates transfer orders automatically based on the transfer requirements. This field is linked to a control table, which you can use to individually adjust the automatic creation of transfer orders.

In addition to changes in Customizing, you must also maintain the material master record for each material concerned. To do this, enter the necessary data for the Storage bin, Maximum bin quantity, Minimum bin quantity and Replenishment qty at storage type level in the WM view of the material master.

To change a material that has already been created for fixed bin storage, choose Master Data ® Material ® Material ® Change.


If you have not assigned a specific fixed bin to a material, you must enter the fixed bin data for this material in the material master.






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